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Mar 02


As of this morning, 16 kids have been born over the past week and a half, they were mostly born on Thursday night and we’ve already had TWO SETS of triplets <3 Everyone is doing great and we’re starting to get to know their personalities.

The named babies are Moxy(f), Acro(m), Bison(m), Blondie(m), Noonie(f), Nikon(m), and Tripod(f) (The rest haven’t shown us enough of their personalities to get names yet.)

Blondie is standing at the door of the little house in the bottom picture and Acro and Nikon (the best bro duo) are the two in the topmost picture.

Nikon’s sister Tripod is a very special little girl and I’m going to be posting a photoset of just her in a moment~!

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